Si no creías en fantasma esto te va a cambiar de opinion

Fantasma grabado por camaras de seguridad sube a un taxi en Japon

En los parqueos de un edificio en Japon Inexplicables imágenes captadas por una cámara de seguridad en el area de estacionamiento, un hombre detiene un taxi y detrás de él se observa como sube el fantasma o espectro de una mujer el video dura pocos segundos sin embargo es claro como el espectro aborda el taxi ante que el hombre cierre la puerta

estamos solo…? si no creías en fantasma esto te va a cambiar de opinion

Best Cheap Dental Insurance The Simple Dollar’s Top Picks for Best Cheap Dental Insurance Best Overall: Delta Dental Best Dental Savings Plans: Cigna Dental Savings & Humana Every special snowflake has their own dental history and care needs, so rather than give you one overall pick, I selected a few providers and plans. I looked at 28 dental insurance providers available nationwide to make the selection, which I narrowed down to five contenders. Ultimately, the quotes I received were based on the best deal for a single female under 40 (that’s me!), so if you have a spouse or dependents to cover, you’ll want to look at the information I gathered on family care that’s provided a little later, and see how much it might cost to add individuals to your personal plan (most plans will allow you to add additional members for a lower per person premium). Here’s something to chew on: Quality preventative dental care is cheaper than you think. It’s important to understand that dental insurance is nothing like medical insurance. There’s a reason it’s cheaper: dental plans are just not meant to cover very much. According to Steffaney Prince, an office lead and insurance coordinator at a dental office located in Sacramento, “Dental insurance needs to be thought of more like an assistance plan, not a full, comprehensive plan.” “Most plans still typically only cover $1,000 to $1,500 per year,” says Prince. “That goes very fast with two continuing care appointments (cleanings, exam, X-rays) and a few fillings. You’d better hope you don’t need a root canal, crown, or deep cleaning. And let’s not forget wisdom teeth: that’ll wipe out your max in one shot.” Because of these quirks, for some people, investigating insurance alternatives or paying out-of-pocket might be a better idea. Essentially, if you have good dental health, you might actually save money by forgoing insurance for your twice yearly appointments (I’ll address that a little later). This was a huge surprise for me, and an option I definitely considered, since I’m young(ish) and take good(ish) care of my teeth. However, stuff happens. If you want to be prepared for possible emergencies, or if your dental profile is one that will require more frequent future care (and here’s where my orthodontic history trips me up), then a more traditional dental insurance plan may be better suited for you, because it can help shield you from larger, one-time expenses. Best Cheap Dental Insurance At first, I looked at “traditional insurance” — we’re talking HMO or PPO plans. You’ll pay a monthly or annual premium and, subsequently, receive either free or heavily-discounted services. You may have a deductible and an annual maximum, and generally, to get the largest discounts, you’ll have to see a dentist in your insurance network. Also, keep in mind that pricing varies dramatically from state to state. A basic plan from United, for example — a good all-around provider, but one I eliminated for being too costly to classify as “cheap” — would run you $26.62/month in California or $67.77/month (plus a $50 deductible) in New Jersey. Delta Dental — Best Overall I looked closely at five major providers — Cigna, Delta, Humana, Starmount, and United — that offered affordable plans on a national scale. Delta Dental quickly bubbled to the surface. For one, Delta Dental has the largest network of any of the providers we looked at; in fact, almost 30 percent of Americans are covered under Delta, or one of its affiliates. Its reach is extensive, so it’s highly likely you’ll be able to easily find a dentist who accepts its insurance within easy distance from you. As a major player in the game, it’s also developed a solid reputation for financial strength, with an A from A.M. Best and an A+ from Standard and Poor.
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